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Medicolegal Practice

  • Professor Mughal takes 2 to 3 instructions a month for reports on cases within my area of expertise, which includes gastrointestinal surgery, in particular upper GI surgery, general surgery and gastrointestinal emergencies, including:

    • stomach and oesophageal cancer​

    • gastroesophageal reflux

    • hiatus hernia

    • achalasia

    • oesophageal perforation and chemical injury

    • complications of oesophagogastric and bariatric surgery

    • abdominal sepsis

    • gastrointestinal bleeding

    • abdominal wall hernias

  • He is able to see clients for condition & prognosis reports in London

  • The vast majority of his instructions are for the Claimant.

  • His current turnaround time for reports is 6 weeks from receipt of instructions and medical records.

  • He is registered with the National Expert Witness Agency.

Experience relevant to Medico-legal Practice

  • Professor Mughal has attended several courses on medico-legal practice, most recently an Advanced Medicolegal Course in June 2018 in London.

  • Working as a member of the panel of the Invited Review Mechanism of the Royal College of Surgeons of England has given him a great deal of experience in problems that contribute to dysfunctional teams and factors resulting in poor patient outcomes.



Medical Indemnity

  • Professor Mughal has medical indemnity for medicolegal work

Contact for medicolegal instructions

  • Please use contact form below for potential instructions and enquiries including terms & conditions, fees, and current turnaround times


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